Chloe Wood

As an artist, I have always been interested in the idea of excess. Excess money, excess clothing, excess waste, buying to excess, eating to excess, people in excess. The reality that in order to fulfil ones life or to feel as though we have achieved something, it is measured through the amount of stuff we own or the size of our house. We live in a society nowadays when excess is a very real problem and excessive consumption is relevant to our everyday lives. This constant wanting and needing that leads us into a cycle of dissatisfaction, stems from a longing to find meaning in our lives. However, ironically consuming more doesn’t seem to be answering that question for us. In my art I hope to explore this idea of excessive consumption and blind consumerism, and look at the negative angles that people are often wilfully ignorant to. I hope to demonstrate to my audience and highlight this obsession with money, image and stuff and how this stuff is causing a disconnect between one another and with ourselves. I am interested in looking into the way that we now define our personalities by the stuff we own and the clothing we wear, and how we think that we need these items in order to properly convey who we are as people.