Katie Hodges

‘That humanity at large will ever be able to dispense with Artificial paradises seems very unlikely’ – Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception: And Heaven & Hell
Blurred between fact and fiction; my recent work has been considering how humanity makes and remakes worlds, spaces and landscapes. Actively terraforming the environment to our needs. Natures process: seismic, molten, quaking and massive has been explicitly altered by this anthropogenic meddling. We built towering structures on the surface, mined systems into the earth and invisibly filled the atmosphere with electricity. Culturally I believe we have become more concerned with the Utopias and Dystopias of our imagined realities through film, television, games and literature, blind to the deeply affected state our planet and negligent of the wonders of actual reality. My work aims to draw attention to this deficit and creatively explore how the real world ecological crisis has become so lost among our artificial conceptions of reality.