University of Leeds

BA Fine Art Degree Show 2018

6-23 June


The world is on fire but water is no longer enough. We are being moulded, pulled apart and pushed out of shape. There is no fixed approach, no linear movement up or down. What we are facing instead is a feeling, a whisper in our ears.

This is the context, an invisible force of perpetual fears which we have been called to answer. Yet naming them, even if we could, will not provide us with the solution.

Let us play with it instead.

Let us stamp on it, probe it, pick it, kick it, lick it, eat it, shit it out, stroke it and wear it. Let us test the limits of this condition so we may feel our way towards a response.

This is a playful resistance, an opportunity to tease our situation and provide some light relief to whatever may happen next. In a time of increased pace, we 58 artists consider what can be achieved through unpacking the moment, flirting with it and kneading it for answers. Spend some time with us, slow down and give it a little squeeze.


SQUEEZE will run from the 6-23 June.


School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University Rd, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT