Jaime Menendez

The act of producing images has overcome the very gesture of consuming them. More than 200 million images are uploaded on a daily basis to the internet. There are already too many photographs, so we have to refrain from continuing to feed this visual contamination and instead, we must recycle, work from the existing images and give them new values and different meanings.
For this work, I have appropriated images found on the internet, in which I have made interventions and manipulated or converted from digital to an analogue format, creating new meanings that address and question current moral political issues. The manufacturing can be relegated to a second term, the way we use these images is important and can generate a new meaning. I am also working on the idea of accumulation and repetition. A lot of anything is interesting. This quantitatively important repetition gives the most trivial some interest. One of the characteristics of post-photography is that it explores the search for the accumulation of images as the creation of a more sophisticated expressive conceptual structure. It is as if the images were considered no longer as phrases, not as autonomous senses but as words that need to be articulated among them in order to articulate certain statements.