Katie Clark

Women are complex, multi-faceted beings yet the visual representations we are offered don’t even come close to reflecting that. We get to be archetypes, one-dimensional characters who exist either to stroke a male ego. Alternatively, we could be one of four narcissistic female friends, who actually hate one another despite constantly going for lunch, brought together by the shared goal of stroking a male ego.
So now is the time to change that. Not to replace the current representations with new, but perpetually limited versions but to totally expand the field. There shouldn’t have to be one lone female voice speaking for us all, but a whole community of unique perspectives all sharing their little chunk of the world and maybe offering someone else some inspiration. No one person can be the voice of their generation and nor should they want to be. I want to contribute to a space full of diverse female perspectives that don’t have to compete with one another to be heard and valued.
All I am looking for is a true representation of the world. One where girls are the funniest people in the room, are devoted friends, are messy and difficult but also brilliant and logical and any other fucking thing a human can be.